May 26, 2015

About MCA

Our Mission

To reduce cultural and linguistic barriers to health and human services.

Who We Are

Founded in 1994, the MCA is a culturally diverse coalition whose values, mission and goals are driven by its membership. We are dedicated to the delivery of culturally competent health care and social services.

We believe all elders, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, language, or condition have a right to high quality health care and social services that are reflective and respectful of their language and cultural belief systems.

What We Do

The MCA builds and sustains a network of consumer, health, social service and governmental agencies serving culturally diverse elders.

We hold monthly meetings for information sharing, inter-agency networking, and advocacy with educational presentations on topics focused on health and/or social services to inform providers assisting elders from diverse cultural/linguistic backgrounds.

The Coalition hosts periodic Aging Well Together Consumer Conferences with workshops held in multiple languages for diverse groups of older adults to learn about health and/or social service changes. Professional symposiums are also organized that focus on cultural competence in the delivery of health care and/or social services.

We promote and foster cultural and linguistic sensitivity throughout the elder service network and we promote and foster working relationships between community-based agencies and the elder service network.

Benefits of Membership

ESTABLISH relationships with agencies serving diverse elders

BUILD capacity for collaborative projects and interagency relationships

EXPAND outreach efforts to diverse elders

ENHANCE grant proposals through collaboration with the MCA

PARTICIPATE in monthly educational programs to gain cultural competence insights and skills

GROW career through leadership positions in the MCA

NETWORK with peers who represent various disciplines and ethnicities

PROMOTE cultural and linguistic sensitivity throughout the elder service network

INCREASE cultural competency of care through advocacy, awareness and education

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Registered Members also receive:

  • Voting privileges; ability to sit on/lead Committees and serve as Chair
  • Ability to share announcements at MC A Meetings and to distribute notices to MCA Network
  • Monthly MCA reports and presentations, member notices and announcements as well as Aging Network employment opportunities
  • Listing as a MC A member on MC A web site and link to your web site
  • Special rates for exhibiting at and attending MCA Conferences
  • Opportunity to develop and showcase individual and professional leadership and advocacy skills

Monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, Borkum Auditorium, 1200 Centre Street, Boston. Guests are welcome.

How to Join MCA

MCA Leadership Team/Executive Task Force

Gene A. Mazzella, M.S. Gero., Coalition Chair, Geriatric Care Advisor/Advocate, Senior Care Works Consulting & Advocacy
Tamy-Fee Meneide, Treasurer, Clinical Research Diversity Coordinator, Massachusetts General Hospital: Neurology, The Harvard Aging Brain Study
Nancy Coppelman, CART Outreach Coordinator, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Susan Kelliher, Marketing, Outreach, Promotions Director, Upham’s Corner Health Center
Dana Kern, Principal, Maturity Matters
Michael P. Kincade, Sr., Community Relations Associate, Central Boston Elder Services
Francis Thomas, Deputy Commissioner, Administration and Finance, Commission on Affairs of the Elderly, City of Boston


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